04 August 2019

July 2019

Another month of crutches. Are you counting? This makes 8 weeks on them. I am heartily tired of them: my other knee hurts now, my hands are trashed and I have calluses in my armpits. Ugh.

I did finish something this month. As you might know, my sewing room is in the basement. I went down the stairs like a little kid by one step at a time on my butt. I quilted this queen sized flannel quilt that I had pin basted before my little accident. It's a good thing I basted it before because I know I couldn't have done it on crutches.  It's just big 10" squares.

The second picture is truer to the actual color of the quilt.

I made and then gave this quilt to my son and DIL so they can trade it for babysitting. They want to go on an adult weekend (no kids) and this is my way of helping. Their babysitter has always wanted a quilt so I made one for her. Win/win.


  1. I'm just catching up with all you've been through. You do know that you can bill the estate for every hour you have spent cleaning up the in-law hoarder house....right? Those who did nothing don't have rights to your life hours. They owe you $ for those.

  2. That doesn't sound like fun at all to be in crutches and having the sewing room in the basement. Glad you are finding workarounds so you can keep quilting. That is a pretty quilt!

  3. Glad you felt brave and well enough to attempt those stairs. Your efforts were well rewarded. Your son and DIL are very lucky.

  4. The quilting is beautiful.So glad you finished it and that you took the stairs with pain we know.Great finish.