30 September 2019

September 2019

Hubby and I went to my 50th high school reunion this month. The picture is of us at my 40th reunion. What I couldn't figure out was who were all those old people! It was a bit embarrassing that my ability to not remember names was highly visible. "Hi, you!" "What has been happening in the 10 years since we last met?"

I have actually made a quilt! Will wonders never cease?  I used two different fabrics: a stripe (that you can see in the border) and an allover triangle fabric. I measured the repeat on the stripe and then cut squares. Then I cut squares from the triangle fabric. It is a good sized quilt: about 55x60". It is in the giveaway pile until it tells me who it belongs to.

I'm working on a secret project that will be revealed once the quilt is gifted. I can't say much more or it will give the secret away.

Today is a damp and drizzly day. Tomorrow will be warmer and the temp should be back up close to 80 by Friday.

I need to start working on my Halloween costume. Last year my costume was too subtle so this year it will be a highly visible costume. Also it will be comfortable. My costumes are always comfy since I don't like uncomfortable clothes.

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