31 January 2020

January 2020

I made this quilt in 1988. That is 32 years ago! I loved  the sampler center, but the recipient's bed was king size, so I had to make it larger. I thoroughly dislike that wide border. Let me explain something. This quilt was made ala Georgia Bonesteel's quilt as you go and was handquilted. That was all right for the center but to make it bigger with that super wide border and then hand quilt it was not a good idea. It should have had a series of borders, but, nope, I wanted to get it done.

I've always wanted to hang this quilt on the wall at Valentine's but it was just too large. I've tried putting it on my bed but my mattress is much deeper than the bed this quilt used to be on. So I've been cogitating on it and I think I've come up with a plan. Watch this space for further developments.

I've been super busy at work lately. I gave my retirement notice in December and now I'm placing ads on inDeed and Craigslist trying to hire someone to replace me. It's not easy! I hope to be able to get to this quilt once I have a bit more time.

Take care, my friends.


  1. It will be a challenge, but will look great. Congratulations on your almost retirement. Good luck finding a replacement!

  2. You have to find your own replacement? Really?! Wow. Good luck.

  3. It is LOVEly; bright and cheerful amid the snow. Good luck!