22 August 2006

A Question of Balance

When we moved into this house 28 years ago we did an expedient landscape in the front by placing lots and lots of washed landscaping rock down. We had that rock removed last fall to the tune of $300. It was 3 dump truck's full. This is what it looked like early this spring.

and this one


I spent a considerable amount of time interviewing landscapers and getting quotes to get this landscaped. I had several things I wanted but the most important things was to keep the amount of rock down. Been there, done that. This little plot of land has a SSW exposure. Full sun, all day. I planned on a xeriscape. Here's what I got (also there was a little meddling in the design by CarGuy):


and this one

Okay, then. Straight lines. CarGuy was definitely involved here! There is some mulch. And my dry creekbed is there. But, oh my, the rock! Lots and lots of rock that absorbs and then retains heat. This was not my vision! It is a good thing we are going to be doing a new privacy fence in the back yard because I will have a ready supply of rock to put along the fence line. A lot of this rock is going to end up 18" out from the fence to keep the weeds down. Harumph. I just can't believe this happened. That's what I get, I suppose for going to work and leaving CarGuy in charge: a changed plan. I will have to pull out rocks and replace with mulch: starting with that little bitty circle of mulch around the far pinyon pine. I want that mulched area and the one in the foreground to combine. I will have to pull back rock and fabric (see I did make it kinda quilt related!) to plant anything along that block wall.

The goal was to get my hardscaping done because I could not physically do it. Well, I guess the goal was met. But, boy. Do I have my work cut out for me this fall and next spring.

I whined to TheKid about this and he said "But Mom, you and Dad compliment each other. He is a straight line kinda guy and you are curves. It balances out."

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