05 September 2006

Profile Photo

I posted a new profile photo. I am in the photo. Look carefully. See me there in the mirror? This time of year we see the aspens turning. Tourists are nicknamed "Peepers" because they just go to the mountains to view the aspens. Here's another pic I took on a trip across TrailRidge. It should be clickable for a larger version. This was taken just below timberline and we were on Fall River Road, which is a one-lane dirt road in Rocky Mountain National Park that only goes UP (thank goodness) as I wouldn't want to meet anyone coming down*. The photo I used as my profile photo was taken on the western slope, that means it is on the other side of the Continental Divide.

And to make this quilt related: Jan (my LAer) dropped off both quilts yesterday. I am going to wait to bind them until I have the Snowman quilt finished. I'll have pics when they are done. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to take a photo of a 102"x102" quilt? I really don't have a spot anywhere at home that shows this quilt to advantage.

*Factoid: did you know that on that type of road when two cars meet, that it is the descending car that has to back up to a pullout? It is easier/safer to back up going uphill than it is downhill because of the grade.


  1. *sigh* I'm a peeper. Here in coastal southern California we don't get such spectacular displays in fall. It is such a wonderful sight to see all those trees in such vibrant color.

  2. factoid - no, but I have been on one of those roads & two cars at an impasse is not fun... (I don't remember the resolution, I wasn't driving.)

  3. Love, love, love that photo of the wonky houses!! How fun. And DH and I are guilty-as-charged when it comes to leaf peeping! We come to Colorado frequently but I must say one of our favorite trips there was when we saw the aspens in all their fall glory. That brilliant yellow against the foresty-green of the evergreen trees was just stunning. "Course Missouri is no weakling when it comes to gorgeous fall foliage.