31 October 2006

October Summary

For starters, I want to thank Kim (Peach Quilting) for approving me into the Quilting 4 Pleasure BlogRing. Thanks!

Socktoberfest update: I got 5 socks done. Yup, five. Both of the pairs in this post and I started another pair that will be a Christmas present so I cannot show you a picture.

The sharp-shinned hawk that I mentioned in this post has a broken collar bone. The rescue people bandaged her up and are watching her. They told me it take about 10 days to heal and at the end of 10 days they will evaluate weather they can release her into the wild or, if she cannot fly, keep her for education.

The consensus on rows or sections seems to be: rows. I will have to re-evaluate the way I work. See if I can even do rows! I'm not too old to learn new tricks.

Halloween costume update. TheKid still has not sent me a photo. Bah, how like his father, he is! Anyway, he went as a giant, fat bumblebee and his GF was the flower. Oh how I want to see a picture. He did say that he had several comments: "Nice costume, man." He was not the only bumblebee, but the others were girls. I told him that he was the drone and the queen bees would soon be fighting it out as there could only be one queen bee. I'll post a pic when/if I get one.

I am not setting any November goals because I will probably fall short. My Novembers are usually very busy.


  1. Hope the hawk heals! Sounds like you have some busy times up-coming.

  2. Good prognosis for the hawk. I hope you get a costume photo soon -- I want to see more than ever now *s*