15 December 2006

A nice little table topper


Hmmm...it's Friday and this pin is one I inherited from my mother. I don't know how old it is but it is a bit worse for wear. There is one rhinestone missing there on the other side. I wonder what color it was? This pin is small 1"x.5" and goes with anything.

OK. I have a confession. I've been looking at all the decorations y'all have put up (BTW, I spent some formative years of my youth in both Florida and South Carolina and slip back into the venacular occasionally) in your homes. Other than the wreaths on the front door and back door (and CarGuy's outside lights) here is the extent of my decorating.

I made this table cover many many years ago when I was working on an HP EGS computer. This is a very old CAD systems by Hewlett-Packard -- the HP Engineering Graphics Systems. Anyway. I was learning how to use the system and what better way to do that than by designing a quilt? The blocks are on one layer, the sashing on another layer, the corner 4-patches and borders on another, and the quilting on yet another. I should look on the label to see exactly when I made this. (Note: I made it in 1987) It is machine pieced with LOTS of set-in seams. I didn't think about doing half-square triangles in the stars, but looking at it on the screen, I realize it would make it a lot easier to piece. It is hand quilted and what a pain that was because the only fabric in this that is 100% cotton is the holly print. It measures 36x36".

I really do have an excuse for not decorating. At least for not putting up the tree. I never really do it before the 15th anyway. And this year, CarGuy bought a very large television and now I can't figure out where to put the tree! It's a dilemma, I tell ya! I have a big brass pot of fake poinsettias out in the foyer and this table topper. Tomorrow I'll show you the Reindeer Wallhanging. Those three things (plus the quilt in this post) are all I have out at the moment. But you know what? I'm not stressing about it even though we are having a holiday party this evening.



  1. That pin is really neat. It would be great to reproduce. Because I'd buy one!

  2. Hi Paula, it's a really pretty table topper even if it does give away it's age(it's the holly fabric). You did a really nice job! And I think just a few decorations are fine. Not so many to put away that way..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  3. You know, Paula...we are all different and that's what makes us interesting. Some people, like myself, collect lots of 'dust collectors' and then work really hard on maintaining our collection with adequate 'coverings' of dust or in my case, 'dustables.' There's nothing wrong with keeping life simple and simpler and your table topper is charming and your newest entry in the pin collection is lovely.

  4. Christmas is what you make of it, not how many decorations are displayed. We didn't celebrate Christmas 2005 until Valentine's Day 2006 because that's when The Princess could be with us. There wasn't a tree, snowman or Santa in sight but we had a perfectly marvelous day *s*

  5. My Mom used to like her bean pot more than the tree - we used to go out in the woods and clip pine branches to fill the pot up with and then put little white lights on it... there are other options besides a large tree... and my Nana had a little ceramic Christmas tree with colored lights! Guess what - I have small rhinestone trees, so I guess maybe it is something that runs in the family - a BIG tree is not always for everyone depending on space and tastes! Love your table topper too - it is very festive!



  6. Not so many decorations can be a good thing. I'm all for the simple life (as long as Paris Hilton is not in it! Lole) and less is more when it comes to Christmas decorations. It's what's in your heart and maybe on your table that counts.