14 December 2006


Today's pin is a small decorative clothes pin. I purchased this at a craft show several years back. This is only 1.5" tall and .25" wide. The beard and hat are some sort of dimensional white paint. I really do admire someone who can paint like this on items this small. And then to do maybe hundreds of them. Repetition.

Repetition like this is boring to me. I can't do this type of repetition. The same thing over and over and over. I can't really make a one-block quilt either. I get bored to tears.

But repetition is part of The Principles of Design. Did you know that? It is actually rhythm. Rhythm is the repetition of elements and can create a sense of movement. It can also establish pattern and texture. In relation to the design principles, there are several kinds of rhythm.

When the intervals between elements (and the elements themselves) are of similar size or length the rhythm is regular. A flowing rhythm gives a sense of movement, and is often more organic in nature. When a sequence of forms is shown through a progression of steps it's a progressive rhythm.

Why did I tell you this, you're asking? Well, next time you make a quilt try to figure out what kind of rhythm is in this quilt.

On a completely different note, I came home from work and there was this waiting for me! Thanks, Dale Anne, the fabrics are lovely and will be put to good use. I'm glad you like the sox. Dale Anne and I traded: hand-knit sox for fabric. There is some lovely fabric here that can really work with some things I've gotten planned.

Well, must sign off now so I can get a cuppa tea ready for tv watching. Survivor is on tonight.


  1. Cute little pin, though. I have a friend who does tole painting, and she made the cutest snowman out of one of those tiny wooden needleholders. I couldn't do it. I can't even see things that small!

    The fabric is beautiful. I am particularly envious of one piece. =)

  2. That is a good lesson about rhythm. I too get bored by repetition, usually, unless I'm in that kind of mood, but I know it does have its function.

  3. Hmmmm -- now I'll have to think about rhythym. It will be a good exercise *s*

  4. YES, Paula - I am the same way....to do a one block quilt, they'd have to come with those white jackets......LOL!!!
    You are most WELCOME for the fabrics - I love the 3 pairs of socks you sent me!!!