23 December 2006

Quilty Goals for 2007

I am on an appliqué list and someone asked about quilty goals for 2007. I had to stop and think about what I was going to do next year.

I'm a list maker -- not that I follow the list -- it is just to clarify things in my mind.

Several years ago, I was cleaning and shuffling things in my studio and kept coming across the bits and pieces of projects that had stumbled to a stop. There were lots. There were 9 tops just waiting to be quilted, There were blocks hanging out in boxes and sacks waiting to be assembled into their own top. There were groups of fabrics that went together.

So, I started a list. Everything quilty related, and I mean everything, went on my spreadsheet. I broke it down on the spreadsheet into jobs that needed to be done to complete *that* project. Along the way I realized *why* the project had stopped and I had to re-evaluate if I wanted to go back to this one, repurpose it, or just plain get rid of it. I started with 65 projects. Gulp!

I now have 11 projects left on the list.

This has actually made me so productive that it has been unreal. I have bed quilts, table toppers, wall hangings, bags and potholders that I have laying in wait just be gifted to someone. I have given away over 60 yards of fabric that I knew I would never, ever use (Freecycle(tm) is a wonderful thing). I have been slipping in a couple of new projects that aren't on the list and actually finishing them!

And sew, in closing this long, rambling post, my quilt goal(s) for 2007 is to continue to work on my list. And probably add to it *grin*.


  1. Good for you! I did the same thing several years ago - created a spreadsheet of UFO's. And you're right - since then I've been so much more productive. The list is still long, but now most of them are finished "flimsies" all ready to be quilted and bound. Many have been abandoned or given away. What a freeing feeling that was! For 2007 I'm continuing also - and hoping to get many of the flimsies quilted, bound, labeled and finished!

  2. Good goal for 2007. I keep my projects listed on my blog. I have a filemaker database that I keep some of my projects in. I need to update it though with all my new projects. Stay tuned for my updated list later this week.

  3. I'm a list maker -- not that I follow the list -- it is just to clarify things in my mind.

    Sounds familiar, but I never quite get to the list making... (I have lists, but they are ideas, not anything to work from... My list says "something in pink & brown" not Pink and brown log cabin.... Somehow I think the specific plan might work better....)

    I need to chek out your speadsheet.

    Oh and I must say Mazel Tov for getting soooooo (sew) much done! You are my hero.

    Any quilty pins - that would be nice for your calendar. My GF has a quilty pin - it is a photo transfer of one of her quilts - quilted and bound with the skinniest binding ever!

  4. I really need to do this too
    but now I am also interested in the applique list - is it a yahoo group?

  5. So I am not the only one that is thinking of the upcoming year of achievement......

    Great list and how good you must feel to have it getting smaller.....

    I will be following in your footsteps.