21 December 2006

Watch out Kansas!


I try not to post about the weather, because, well frankly weather is weather. But here I am posting about a major blizzard. It has paralyzed Denver. The snowplows could not keep up. I have never heard of a a chain law being in effect for Denver-town, but there you have it.

The photo above is taken on the west side of my house. That is a 6' privacy fence folks. That drift is probably about 4.5'. This is the type of snow I've been shoveling this morning. Isn't it crazy the way one area is almost scoured clean and right next to it is a very deep drift?

The governor has called for a state of emergency so that he could call out the national guard. The national guard spent all night going up and down the interstates in snowcats pulling stranded motorists from cars and transit buses. Here's a good one: the Red Cross set up an emergency shelter at the Westminster Rec Center. The rec center was going to have some sort of Senior Citizen dinner last night but it was cancelled. All the people that were deposited by the national guard at the rec center dined on prime rib, shrimp, salad, etc.

Denver International Airport is CLOSED until noon on Friday. No flights in or out. Once it stops snowing and the wind lets up, it will take them about 24 hours to clear all the concrete that is needed to fuel, de-ice and prep the planes along with the runways.

The United States Post Office in the eastern half of Colorado has CLOSED the doors of its buildings probably until Friday. The mail cannot get through.

As I sit here typing, I am listening to the sound of snowmobiles. They can go through this. I wish I still had my snowshoes! Santa, are you listening?


Surf's Up! This is my picnic table on our back deck.

Looking straight up the east side of the house, you can see the way the wind always blows the snow. When it breaks off, it falls to the ground with a "whumpf" and we always jump.

Here is that same snow overhang from the other side. I think it looks like a shell.

And in the back yard, this is the corner of the garage (which is a separate building). See the park bench? It is right beside the door to the garage. Because of CarGuy's disability, he cannot shovel snow. Since I needed to shovel a path to the garage so we could get the lawn tractor out, I followed the path of least resistance. This was not it. CarGuy spent the morning putting the blade and tire chains on the tractor and I just heard it fired up. I guess he was getting a bit of cabin fever.

Today's pin is the last one that I have and Goosey looks like she is running away from the snow. And to make this even remotely quilt related, I am going into my sew Studio and work on a quilt. Ta ta!


  1. Gosh -- the post office is closed, the airport is closed ... I hope they don't cancel Christmas *s* I really love the photo of the snow on the chimney -- that is a very unusual looking formation.

  2. Your snow overhangs are really cool! Definitely good weather for quilting.

  3. WOW!! I know it's causing a lot of problems, but oh my goodness, your photographs of the snow are BEAUTIFUL!! Oh I do wish we would get at least a little bit of that white stuff. :( Happy Holidays!

  4. Yikes! Stay warm and safe. At least you have internet service still

  5. Great pictures of the snow. As you asked in my e-mail, no my son is not in the military. He is working for a company in Colorado Springs as an EE. He loves his job. I just spoke with him and he thinks he will get out tomorrow. We'll see, his an optimist, I am not.

  6. That is a lot of snow. Please feel free to send some this way to New Hampshire. We don't have any :(

    The pictures are awesome. I haven't seen snow drifts like that in a long time.

  7. Snow, snow and more snow! I am glad that you haven't lost your electricity.



  8. Thanks for sharing.... Don't forget to bake some cookies - it is imperative to bake cookies on a snow day!

    Oh & we are getting rain from the same "system" NO FAIR! (Although, I want my snow to fall on Monday or Tuesday - not Friday. I am already off on Saturday, thank you very much.)

  9. BRRRRRRRR. I lived in Colorado for three years and it only snowed like that once or twice. Makes me shiver to think about it. Stay cozy!

  10. Pretty impressive pictures and snowfall. It sure will be a big mess once the airport opens up and all those people try to get where they were supposed to go before Friday!

    I have enjoyed seeing your pins. I have my very own pocket angel.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful pictures - this really makes it all real for those of us elsewhere. Such horrible stories of people stranded and living in your airport. I sure hope everyone can get to where they belong by Christmas. For those of you who don't have to go out - how beautiful!