30 January 2007



By popular request, here it is, my Convergence Quilt. It's clickable for a larger view. The color is a little off in the picture. Now that I see this on screen it's growing on me.

I have had this small quilt done for about a year. It's only about 12"x14" or so, I'm not sure since I haven't measured it. I've had these Asian lady panels for about a month. And something clicked. I fused Heat 'n Bond lite (it's what I had in the studio) to the back of this lady and cut her out using my Xacto knife. Amy, haven't we had a conversation about Xacto knives? I was careful. I fused her onto the quilt.

Oops! there was show thru. I heated her back up an pulled her partially off the quilt and cut out the quilt behind her. Now I had a partially fused lady on a partial quilt. I grabbed a piece of batting and placed everything on it and fused it back down onto the quilt and onto the batting.

Oops! See there by her nose? And there is some kind of line running down her face. I also made the wrong choice of batting.

So here's my experiment in how many times you can heat and reposition Heat 'n Bond lite. I'm going to reheat the portion of the lady that is fused directly to the batting so I can remove the batting and replace it with white. That will take care of the black flecks that are showing through. I don't know what the line is. It is sooooo straight I don't think it is a thread. I wonder if it is on the fabric itself? And that area at the nose? That is part of the background that is showing through. I'll figure out something in that area. Also (and I just saw this one) there is an area up on her forehead right at the hairline. I'll keep you posted.

Even if it doesn't re-stick to the new batting there is always spray basting. And yes, that is the way I've cropped the actual quilt, not the picture. I wonder how I should quilt it? Any suggestions?

Update: I reheated the fusible and peeled it up again. I placed it on a white batting which worked better than the off-white with flecks. Then I fused it down again. If you are keeping track that is 3 fusings and 2 peels so that Heat 'n Bond Lite fusible has been heated 5!!! times. Note to self: don't use scraps of fusible that have lines drawn on them, the lines transfer to the fabric and won't come off. Sigh.


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Now that's what I call persistence! You did a great job of this quilt, oopses and all - I really like it :-)

  2. It looks really good. I am amazed that you were able to cut the quilt behind the woman. I'd have a hard time to cut something I spent so much time sewing together. It was well worth it though.

  3. Paula, I love this quilt!! I have that panel because I love all fabric japanese (even tho I live in a colonial!)and love the use of convergence(my latest fascination!)

    btw, sounds like are a member of the "wing it" society. I am president! Your approach with the heat and bond is pretty much how I would have done it and redone it and redone it! LOL :) The end result is awesome! Keep up the good work! I am totally inspired by your work!

  4. I am so glad that it worked for you. I think it is such a great idea to put her in front of that convergence, and it looks great.

  5. She is pretty! (there is a chapter in my book - "Done is better than perfect" should I e-mail you a copy?)

    Went to the Dr. follow-up wrist & elbow pain & confessed to a marathon cutting session - he guessed I was a quilter & told me about this cutter that he saw that looked like a pizza knife. SO cute. I thenm had to explain that I was cutting out the equivalent of the leaves in his wall paper - he suggested an exacto knife! I showed him my scar - he sighed.

  6. This is a great piece in spite of all your trouble. Such a nice variation on the convergence quilt. And I also enjoyed your description of the pull off, stick back, pull off again procedure. I've done that!

  7. Uaaaauuu!!!!But is very beautiful!!! Indeed:))))

  8. It's fantastic.I like to see this quilt is delicate. ciao ciao

  9. It looks great! Always fun to read about how people come up with great techniques!

  10. That is lovely- great use of the asian lady!

  11. Wonderful Quilt! You must be so proud.