28 January 2007

Autumn Leaves

No photos today, I've been too busy sewing! I had a productive day yesterday but all I have to show for it is several stacks of yellow fabric cut into blocks. I spent the major portion of the day cutting. Remember this post: An 'Aha!' Moment ? This worked so nice! The ruler and squares did not slip once. Not once, I tell ya! I used to have slippage on every cut. It was getting discouraging. I did this to help. And it did! Yippee! My goal for the year is to improve my workmanship. I've noticed that I race on things: do them fast. Why? I dunno. So as I'm slowing down, I'm improving. Another yippee!

I got sidetracked once. I had this little convergence quilt on my design wall and I appliqued (well fused really) an Asian woman onto it. I'm going to stitch her down when I quilt it. I did this little quilt as I worked through Ricky Tims' book Convergence Quilts book. The idea is OK and I like the result, but I probably won't make another one. I just wasn't 'taken' with it. Do you know what I mean? Maybe I would have liked it better if I had used some of his fabric, but I did a little stash busting -- and it turned out looking a bit oriental.

Today was spent putting the sashing on the yellow blocks of Banana-fana. It's coming together nicely but the darn thing is going to be huge! 110"x110"! I called my longarm quilter to see if she could do a quilt this big. Yup, whew! I had visions of quilting this in sections on my DSM. So far I have shopped out of my stash for this quilt: 6 yards of yellow (what was I doing with all that?), 2 yards of a gold/bronze print and three-quarters of my dark paint bucket. I decided that the 2.5" squares I have stashed away aren't going to sew themselves together, so I started doing leader-enders with them.


  1. I'd love to see your Asian convergence...I have the book and I've been to Ricky's seminar, just no time to sit down with a new project!

  2. I have a Convergence wall hanging I made nearly two years ago. It's waiting it's turn to be hand quilted right now. His patterns are fun, but I can understand how it might not speak to you. I like his concept, but not in so many different variations.

  3. Those conversion quilts open themselves to a wide array of interpretations. I hope you show us yours? What a nice busy day you've had.

  4. Convergence is yet another one of those things I want to try someday. I would love to see yours.
    You have been very busy, cutting up fabric, using up your stash. Good for you! Also smart to enjoy the process rather than rushing through it. Me, I either go too fast or too slow. Need to find the right balance.

  5. Fo fama, me my mo mama

    Thanks Paula - you now know what will be running through my head ALL DAY!

    Oh & we need some photos...

    I have a convergence planned - I just need to get far enough along with SEVERAL other projects!