25 January 2007

Little Things

For the past 20 some years I have sent a Christmas card to this one friend who never wrote back but occasionally telephoned. Then one Christmas, I got ill and did not have time for the cards, so I didn't stress myself about sending them out. Around New Year's, we received this panicky call from him wanting to know if everyone/thing was all right, because he didn't get his card! You never know about the little things like that, do you? What brought this on? This post by Terry Grant at And Sew It Goes.

And for those of you doing free motion machine quilting on your domestic sewing machine or for anyone interested here is a post about the Frayed Edges with an absolutely wonderful picture of FM quilting. Love the gloves, 'cause mine look like that! Scroll down to the image with the purple fabric.

Where've I been? Busy at work. I'm writing a proposal for a sculpture of a dead president. I can't say too much about it yet. We got the Request for Proposal and I am doing the leg/brainwork: gathering digital images, writing the artist narrative, figuring a simplified budget and vision of the project. Every waking moment seems to be filled with random thoughts about this. I've taken to carrying my little voice activated tape recorder to record my thoughts.

I've been knitting. Sox of course. I'm trying this new yarn by Regia appropriately called Regia Bamboo. It is a very soft yarn made with bamboo and I had to go down to a #1 needle to work with this. I'm using this pattern called EZ Ripple Socks by Knitaddicted. With the proposal taking up every spare spot in my brain I am having a hard time memorizing this pattern. I finally gave up and just sit with the printed copy and mark off the complete rounds. It is a 16 round pattern, so when I finish 16 rnds I erase my markings and start again. I'm just about to the toe of the first sock. I have a SNB meeting Monday night and if I'm not done with these sox by then, it is not what I'm going to work on. No way! I have to pay too much close attention. I'll just take something else that I can cast-on there, maybe a scarf or something easy.

And here's a photo for today. This pic was shot this morning (hence the long shadows) and I have not Photoshoped it. Is it too dark on your monitor? This is my birdbath in the backyard. The pedestal is a milk can from my FIL's dairy farm and the birdbath itself is from my great grandparent's farm. There is actually another piece to the stone that looks like a bowling ball with a bit of a handle. When the two are put together it is a rather crude mortar and pestle. Possibly used to grind corn by indigenous peeps? Yes, we still have a bit of snow laying around. That milk can is about 3 feet tall.



  1. I knew you were still around. Just frozen, waiting to thaw! LOL.

    thanks for the little bits. i have those machine quilting glove. LOVE THEM! and wear them all the time.

    love the birdbath. Before you know it, birds will be dipping their toesies in it. Until then, stay warm!

  2. IS the bamboo yarn mixed with anything? (As a non-yarn user I am getting to be very intrigued by Seasilk, soywool & the like...)

  3. wow -- lovely picture!!

  4. Wow - -love the snow picture; very eloquent statement! I'm still laughing at the stained gloves 'cos mine look like that and I thought it was just me - hee hee!

  5. I love the morning snow pic. Very artistic. Could be a postcard.

    I haven't commented much as of late. So I will catch up now.

    By the way thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments.

    Back a ways you were talking about the string dimonds and you mentioned the green from the 3os, that green is called Nile green. There is a dark and a light.

    The old quilt that you showed is great. To bad that backing fabric was used. By the way that yellow is the kind of yellow that you would have found in the 20s or what was concidered light orange from the 30s the way you tell the difference is if the color goes all the way through the fabric.

    Sory wasn't meaning to give a leason.

  6. Don't photoshop the picture - it's great the way it is.

  7. A 'make-do' birdbath -- it's wonderful although I bet the birds would enjoy it more if it was heated *s*

  8. Are you going to make the sculpture or is it the artist you work for?
    The photo looks great on my screen too. Loved the idea of the birds grinding their meals.