09 April 2007

My weekend & other stuff


CarGuy and I had a quiet Easter weekend. We don't do the egg, bunny, basket thing anymore since TheKid is grown and out on his own.

The paper piecing is finished on the Frog (graduation) quilt for my niece and all the parts of the blocks are tucked safely back into the box awaiting the next step of the process. The paper will be removed on Saturday at the meeting of Quilty Friends. (I showed a pic of this quilt in my post about the Quilt Retreat.) I started on the 'Poetry In Motion' Challenge Quilt and I have a firm design and my fabrics are all pulled. Yay, me! Now I can start cutting and sewing!

These 'Fetching' mitts are hot off the needles and are for a friend with MS who really feels the cold. I'll give them away today. Also off the needles, or really the hook, are a couple of lap afghans. I put the finishing touches on them by weaving in the ends. These are destined for a nursing home. I've been doing some major yarn stash busting and I realize I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of a discontinued Lion Brand Wool Ease DK weight in a natural color. So I'm toying with the idea of a crocheted fisherman (aran) style afghan out of it. It could possible end up entered in the county fair. I'm just sayin'.

Last night was a meeting of the mini group I belong to, the Material Girls. As a group, we are a diverse bunch with varying levels of expertise. We are making a charity quilt that vaguely resembles a brick wall. There were enough 'bricks' cut that we may end up with 2 quilts.

Fair Warning: I will be messing around with my blog. I took a look at the stats on my Picturetrail.com site and noticed that I am just about maxed out on my server space. :( I am going to do a bit of file management on my pictures (as in removing some), especially of the art journals and paper arts. So this is just fair warning that if I modify a post, it will probably come up in bloglines again. And speaking of file management. I did some of that this past weekend on the home computer. It is positively zippy now!


  1. Paula, I am letting you know that I tagged you for the Thinking Blogger Award just now on my blog. Details can be read on Knot Garden's 4/9 blog (link to her is on my blog).
    Good luck with re-vamping your blog.

  2. I envy your knitting talent! Sigh! Knitting needles and I do not get along. LOL