28 October 2007

Ruana Pond

I went around the house and gathered up the blue yarns. Gulp. (Did I every tell you that blue is my favorite-ist color?)

Here's the pond for making my ruana. So the photo on the left is the first draft of yarns and the photo on the right is current as of this morning. It's a nice stew of yarn isn't it? The yarn consists of alpaca, wool, acrylic, bobbles, mohair, fun fur, cotton and more. See that skein of really light blue in the center? That is going to be used as the second strand with some of the weird lighter stranded yarns. I've got some navy to go with the darker colored fun fur-type yarns. I've pulled the blue/green batik (yes it is actual batik fabric cut into 1/2" strips) and the light blue mohair from the first mix. I've added purples and magentas. I think it needs a bit more magenta/red. Don't you? Or maybe a touch of green?

I'm going to get the book Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle because I'm a sucker for shawls and, more importantly, there is a pattern in there for a ruana. Want to see the one I'm going to do? Go to this link (http://the-panopticon.blogspot.com/2005/12/viva-ruana.html) and read the whole post, 'cause there's photos!

Imagine this out of fabric: 48" square with a slit from one side to 5" shy of center. This is a ruana. I'll start this one day, but I think it needs to age a bit longer. It will be a nice easy knit in garter stitch but a long project time-wise. Of course, there's always the possibility that I'll hate the pond and totally start over with different yarn.


  1. The colors are a good mixture. Not knowing much about knitting, will await something visual so I better understand what you're describing. I like the fall banner, don't remember seeing it previously. Happy Sunday.

  2. I made the Ruana for Folk Shawls. You will love it. It is mindless knitting, but we all need that. Have fun

  3. Beautiful, beautiful colors! Oh, how much fun are you going to have with this? I want a photo of you in the Ruana when you're done! Any angle,with or without a disguise on, but show us it, please, when it's done!

  4. Hey, you've got a new look to your blog. Very nice and autumnal.

    I love all the different blues. I didn't know what a ruana was before, but this looks wonderful - something I would love to wear as well!

    Yes, and the people have spoken. We do want pictures when you are done.

  5. Love blue also, I have been in a "green period" for some time, I entered "blue period" the beginning of summer, glad to see your plethora of blue!!
    Keep up your knitting and quilting, Your blog looks great!!

  6. OOO...Things that make me go Hummmmmm...The pic at Panopticon are beautiful!! This would look very nice in your blues, and I have to take inventory of my frogged yarn, looks like something I would use alot!! Thanks for the input. Vicki