22 August 2007

It's a leafy thing

I've been thinking about Banana-fana. (You can catch up with the saga in the post on Fabric Bleeding Update.) You know I decided to do leaves, right?

Last weekend at the Blue Light Special Car Show, there was a Rubber Stamp and Scrapbooking Expo being held at the same time. These are both held at The Ranch, our local fairgrounds. Quite a large complex actually. Anyway. Since I was already out there on Friday for the car show, I thought I'd pop into the Expo and see if I could find some life sized rubber stamps. So I trotted over to the building and waltzed in and was immediately surrounded by 3 or 4 people asking if they could help me and telling me that the Expo wasn't open until 5:00pm. Since I didn't have a Stupid sign hanging around my neck and I didn't want to tell them that I was being stupid I said I had to use the bathroom. It really wasn't a lie, really. I used the bathroom and left the way I came in.

So I'm hanging out at the car show and then it's 5:00pm. I go back into the Expo. Once again I'm surrounded by people saying that I have to use the other door, pay and have a 'bracelet' put on my wrist. OK, I'm fine with that. But would they escort me through the building to the other door. O noooo. I had to go outside and around the building. Now that is easier said than done because they had all the gates closed. And locked. To get to the other door I would have to go all the way around the entire left side of the First National Bank building on foot to the other side in 97 degree F heat. I don't think so.

I blew off the idea of rubber stamps and went back to my leaf printing idea.

Then I was in Joann's and there was a sale on 'silk' (polyester really) flowers and foliage. I found some beautiful oak and maple leaf bunches. I bought them with the full intention of appliqueing them onto my quilt.

Yesterday Keepsake Quilting's Fall catalog arrived. Looky what is inside. Die cut leaves.

On closer inspection, I think I'm going to stay with my fake leaves because the die cut ones are too simplified.


  1. I got their die cut hearts once upon a time ago in my quilting infancy.... I had the HARDEST time using them...

  2. Too bad they didn't have a golf cart or something to take you to the proper door. You would think they would make the buildings user friendly so people could go from one event to another.

  3. Bad press for the stamping world *s* think sometimes people don't realize that just because you have a little 'power' doesn't mean you are guarding Ft. Knox.
    I saw those die cuts - the hexagons - and was ready to swoon with delight. Then I realized they are twice the size I am working with . . . back to the scissors.

  4. yeah, those stampers just don't have the class of quilters!
    I like your idea better anyway and do you know how much a life size stamp of a leaf would have cost you?
    yikes and egads!

  5. I think I'm with you ;) With my lack of a sense of direction, even if I have the time right, I'm still at the wrong door.

  6. They don't make it easy, do they? Maybe you should have just hid in the toilet til 5pm!