21 August 2007

Saving Grace

Because of his bad back, CarGuy is a teevee person or couch potato, it's your choice on what to call him. Me? I can take or leave it. This is a good thing as he has control of the remote. There happens to be a small teevee, dvd/vcr combo and dish box in my sewing room courtesy of CarGuy. He thought he was doing me a favor, but I personally think he couldn't conceive of a person being in a room for any length of time and not turning on a teevee. But there are some programs I like to watch and I rarely get to watch them with him because he has programs he likes to watch. And remember who has the remote! So last Saturday evening I got all caught up on Saving Grace. Diane over at Going to Pieces has a really good synopsis of the premise of the program, I recommend you go over there to read it. If you haven't watched it you can go to tnt.tv.com and watch it online.

What else did I catch up on? Sewing with Nancy, Fons and Porter and Kaye's Quilting Friends. All from my local PBS station which I support with $$$.

And my recorded guilty wintertime pleasures?
Survivor 15 (in China no less)
Desperate Housewives

And I love the fact that you can watch a missed episode online.

Ain't technology grand?


  1. Possibly our hubbies are related. At least they both are TV addicts. Mine almost always is watching sports. Boring...

  2. I'm sure the remote thing is a form of control ( haha )........being in charge. I hate it if I am sewing and watching with one eye if DH changes channels without saying and I look up and find I am watching something different from a couple of seconds ago!

  3. It seems like the tv is on all the time around here . . . mostly for some background noise, but I sure have some guilty pleasures, too. The show I am currently engrossed in is Gene Simmons Family Jewels *blush* Not a KISS fan nor a Gene Simmons fan - just happened on it and fell for the whole family.

  4. Except for Heroes, we just watch tv when we are in the mood to do it, and will generally pick the best of whatever is on. We don't get cable so we aren't in the mood too often. I watched Saving Grace through the link you gave us. It is a really good show. If I remember, I might come back and watch future episodes.

  5. Love technology -- though, since dh works nights around here, I do usually get control of the remote. One thing I'm looking forward to this year -- this is the first time in 2 years I haven't had night classes!!!

  6. My dh is a tv person too. It makes me nuts to have the thing on even when there is nothing to watch....oh well! Remote control controller???? Fagetaboutit! I just endure whatever is on!