17 August 2007

Nice Matters

Libby at A Simple Girl nominated me for this award. Thank you, Libby. Libby, by the way has a gorgeous new banner on her blog. Check it out.

I, too, have found quilt bloggers to be some of the kindest people around. I still belong to a couple of mini quilting groups and one large guild, but I am think I am going to give up the mid-sized (12 people) group after December maybe earlier. I don't seem to have enough in common with that batch of women. But here, online, I have found friendly like-minded quilters who allow me to share my quilting and needlework and a bit of my day. I believe that you treat others the way you want to be treated.

And so to share this award I am passing it on to
Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventures
Shelina at Shelina's Creations
Granny Fran at Toad Haven Annex
Amy at The Calico Cat
Kim at A Peach In Stitches
There are others I would like to nominate, but they have already received this award

Last Saturday, when I came home from the Sculpture Show all hot and tired, I found a package in my mail box from Michele at With Heart and Hands, a Quilting Journey. Looky! Two patterns from an Oregon designer for bags! O how my outlook changed. Now I want to make some so badly, but I am still out of time. Maybe I can get one or two made up to put purchases into when I'm at the Quilt-a-Fair in September. It was so timely too. I have a cheap straw bag that hangs from a nail in the ladies room at work and I noticed the other day that it needed replacing. I thought about replacing it with the bag that I carry everyday and then making a new one for my daily tote. So see how timely that was? And thank you so very much, Michele!

Speaking of the Sculpture Show, I loved the dress this woman was wearing. She kindly posed for me. I have 2 other photos that show the piecing on the garment. The fabric was a rayon challis, you could tell by the drape. The front was a scoop neck with slight princess seaming but the features on the back were what made the dress! The straps over the shoulder were cut a bit wider where they attached to the back of the dress. And notice the shirring? What a great way to add ease to a garment.

O. BTW, I edited the post from the Sculpture Show to add a photo.


  1. So many bags being made out there. I do so admire all of you who can construct things. I struggle with flat quilts tops - no need to stress my feeble skill *s*

  2. I love my quilted bag - probably need to get the gumption to make another one! Like your Knitting projects - will you teach me?? And yes - I agree about finding a like minded community online! Take Care - Glad you did so well with the sculptures!!

  3. Congrats on the award to my nice friend. It is you. :)

  4. Hi Paula, good to see you surfacing again! Happy that the show went well and pieces sold!!! Alwyas a joy.. $$$ *VBS*
    Congrats on the award..well deserved I think. The cell phone photo is just a hoot! Wish you could put that on your driver licence?? Too funny!
    Take care, see you soon. Hugs, Finn

  5. Congrats on your award Paula. It's well deserved. Thanks so much for passing it on to me.

  6. Congrats on the award! You deserve it! Thanks for nominating me too!

  7. Thanks for nominating me.... :D