20 October 2007

Just some misc. stuff

ConnieW over at Simply Quilted tagged me for the Seven Truths meme. I've been saving up memes so you'll get 2 in this post. Since, normally, I don't do these memes, I think I'll refrain from tagging a specific person. So here's a little bit about me:
  1. I have a motorcycle license. No motorcycle, just the license. It's a hold over from when we did have a motorcycle. It was a 1976 Harley Davidson FLH Dresser - Police Parade Special.
  2. In that same vein, I can drive a 4x4 up the side of a mountain and heel and toe with the best of them. What is heel and toe you ask? Well, aside from being a dance move in square dancing, it's when your left foot is on the clutch and your right toe is on the brake and your right heel is on the accelerator.
  3. I used to smoke cigarettes. Ten years ago I quit. Now I'm a smoker's worst nightmare. It's true, what they say -- "An ex-smoker is worse than a non-smoker".
  4. I have a highly developed olfactory sense. I should have worked in a perfume company. For years, I dulled that sense (see #3). But now it's back. I can smell things that elude a normal person's smell. Skunks are my nemesis, but that's a story that I might tell another day.
  5. I also have hearing like a dog's. I can't hear the bass notes very well so I'm always turning it up. And those high notes! Ack! they hurt my ears. I've been tested and I have a normal range but it is shifted to the high end. When silent burglar alarms came out in the 1960's I couldn't get near them because the frequency hurt! I can 'hear' things that normal hearing misses. It drives me nuts.
  6. And another physical trait of mine is static electricity. Lots. I'm like a generator for static electricity. Whenever I get close to electronics or even something like a vacuum cleaner I need to discharge. I usually touch something metal like a file cabinet that is not plugged into an outlet when I sit down at the computer so I don't zap the electronics. I make sure to wear shoes with soles when I vacuum other wise I get shocked in the soles of my feet. I have killed more inanimate 'stuff' because of this. If I were a super-hero I'd be Electric Girl!
  7. I can draw a straight line. I started this post with a line drawing of my house. I did this in the early 1980's for a college drawing class. I took my chair out to the front yard and sketched the house. As I drew it up inside at the kitchen table, I would dash outside, squat down and look at the perspective again. The house has changed quite a bit since this drawing. It was lucky that I scanned this in when my scanner was still working. Had to do it in halves and then stitch it together, that's why the two sides are a bit different in value.
Belém at De ponto em nó has tagged me with this sweet Halloween pic.

Tag you're it.


  1. Wow, you've got some serious talents. Does this mean you can hear that chirping cell phones that only teenagers can hear? My daughter's friends had one and I couldn't hear it.
    I'm afraid one of these days I am going to miss a fire or police siren, just because it is kinda high pitch.

  2. Paula, Thanks for playing along with being tagged. I truly enjoyed reading your post and finding out your 'truths'. You are one interesting person! I don't know that I could ever learn the heel and toe, nor would I feel comfortable trying...but I can drive a stick shift with the best of them under normal driving conditions. In fact, I enjoy a stick shift at times, although it's handy to have automatic which I now drive. My little Honda Civic a few years back had a 5 speed which I drove back & forth to take some college classes at Vincennes before I traded for a sporty Camaro. Traded that one for a minivan when the grandkids starting arriving! I digressed, sorry...Happy Sunday!

  3. LOL - I have to laugh! I have those same hyper-senses of smell and hearing! It makes me crazy too; constantly.
    What fun "truths" you have!

  4. Great truths! Electric Girl :-)

  5. Getting to know you-- I would think your heightened senses could keep you awake at night. (I do remember having an especially keen sense of smell when I was pregnant.) You most certainly can, indeed, draw a mean straight line ma'am!

  6. Wow - you are quite talented. I just can't seem to allow my brain to relax enough to let my hands perform the work *s*

  7. I really like your house drawing. How about a picture of it today?