13 June 2009

For the Birds

It has been a spring for the birds. First it was woodpeckers. They decided that the north wall of the garage would make an admirable home and proceeded to drill multiple holes and one very large hole in the cedar siding. After pulling out insulation, a nest was built, eggs laid, the young reared and then they moved on, at least until this fall when they visit us again on their migratory path. But they will be outfoxed at least on that wall -- we are installing cement board siding on that side of the garage.

Next, a pair of turtle doves thought the newly planted window boxes looked inviting and kept trying to build a nest. Some judicially placed overturned beer mugs solved that problem.

More recently a pair of mallard ducks have been spotting in the back yard. Even with no source of food or water, she has been most insistent about nesting in the flower border. She built the nest and laid four eggs, but something got all the eggs. We have skunk, fox and coyote in the area and something got the eggs. Wish it would get some of these rabbits.


  1. The birds must be on Twitter talking about the free lodging at your house!

  2. We have cement board siding - no woodpecker damage so far. We give them plenty of food and dead trees ~ trying to stay on their good side. They sure can do some kind of fancy damage. I have used plastic forks in the window boxes ~ poke them in where needed with the tines facing up and it makes for a less than desirable nesting spot. Good luck!

  3. Maybe you should start a bird sanctuary!

  4. It's easy to see you are well loved by the birds *s* At least it isn't squirrels!

  5. For the longest time I didn't know what you were feeling badly about and apologizing and all that. I happened, then, one day to be looking in my Junk Mail folder and there you were. So don't worry - perhaps most folks were like me and it just headed off to that never-never land ne'er to be heard from again.

    I love the birds, but have found a four legged vermin trying to enjoy the sunflower seeds, too. So for the moment nourishment ain't in this yard. :-(

  6. I hope that cememt board siding will deter them. Sometimes, I see woodpeckers pecking away at my bricks! I have no idea what that's about.

  7. wow! We may start calling you the bird lady! We have several birdhouses up and no tenants. go figure!

    hear the weather in CO has been as lousy as ours here in CT.

    a wet and cold June.