12 February 2010

What is in the bag?

Some mystery yarn resides in the yarn stash. Scientific experiments have been performed to determine its origins. The burn test revealed it was 100% wool, albeit a very scratchy wool. The swift and ball winder were set up and as the yarn wound into cakes, it was run through the fishing line counter to determine how much yardage was there. Yardage/meter is a better way than ounces/grams to determine what to make. If the weight is needed, why there is always the kitchen scale to be used. The wrap test was performed: wrap the yarn around a knitting needle and count the wraps per inch to determine worsted or sport or fingering. One ball turned out to be worsted and the rest were sport.


So where is this post leading? The LYS recently did a redecorate and wanting to see it in real life, I took one ball of the mystery yarn with me and cruised into the store. Well. I love the redo, but K was not able to identify my yarn. :-(  I did, however, get my kitty fix as Patrick greeted me at the door and accompanied me on my tour.

I left with more yarn than on arrival. No, I did not purchase. It is a mystery bag of yarn. Ooooo.... I love a good mystery, don't you? Do you know how hard it was to hold off opening the bag until I could get a good photo of it? Do you? Here is what it contained:


  1. Lots of interesting information about yarn. I love to knit and crochet but have tried to stay away from it for a bit, until I retire - just so little time to do all I want to do now.
    Your pincushion is pretty - don't you just love having pretty fun things to use when sewing!

  2. Wow! Lots of good information here. The mystery yarn had to be such a fun adventure - let us see what you do with it.

  3. Paula,
    I know almost nothing about yarn so I am going to ask a dumb question- what is the difference between sport and worsted?
    I am a quilter and a beader who once in a while knits - I am really slow at knitting- it takes me forever to make a sweater! I have made one!

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  4. Mystery yarn....this sound like fun...can't wait to see more.