10 April 2012

Fail Saved

For the yearly guild retreat, I took several quilt kits that I had pre-cut. One of them was this one from the Moda Bake Shop: American Glory. What I forgot to include in the kit was either the EZ Angle ruler (link goes to a tute) or some Thangles to make the half square triangles. What's a quilter to do? Out came the ruler and pencil and I drew lines on the light fabric. It would have worked too, but because of several measurement errors (moi? make a mistake?) some of the HST were the wrong size. The pieces and parts were repackaged to trim down at home.

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time keeping my ruler from slipping when I'm trimming down HST. Anyone else have this problem? Since there are a lot of HST, an easier method is required. Bloc-Loc to the rescue. Remember that old adage about the right tool for the job? THIS is the right tool for trimming HST.
Update: here's a link for the shopping website of this ruler: http://usaus.us/cart/quilting-rulers-c-12.html

Oh how I love this Bloc-Loc ruler! It is making cutting down these HST so much easier.  See that 'double line' down the diagonal? That is actually carved out on the back of the ruler so it snugs up to the seam.

Before you start, press your HST so that the seams are flat flat flat. No smiley lips like you see on this one.
Lay the Bloc-Loc ruler on the HST. I will be trimming this HST to 3"; see how the number 3 is both on the horizontal and vertical sides of the ruler? Make sure the diagonal of the ruler is on the seam and trim.
Here there are two sides of the block trimmed down. Now, turn the block 180°. If you try to fit the ruler up against the seam after turning the block, it won't work right.
You need to swivel the ruler 180° also. See? You can read the label on the ruler now. Okay, go ahead and trim the other two sides of the block.
Here are the piles of trimmed pieces. More of the HST need to be trimmed down.

I said it once and I'll say it again: I love my Bloc-Loc ruler. In fact, I am going to buy the set for the two different Flying Geese. Try the ruler, you'll like it. I have no affiliation to Bloc-Loc, I'm just a happy customer.

**Update: After I trimmed down all the pieces and parts, I realized I had enough HST to make another whole quilt! So I proceeded to cut more squares and rails.


  1. I've never heard of or seen this ruler before. I'll look for one. Thanks.

  2. An excellent tool. I'm not a 'gadget' girl, but I can see that this would be a perfect addition to the quilting arsenal *s*

  3. Hey, I'm the gadget queen& I have not seen this!!! I need to get me one. You evil enabler, you; )

  4. Good to know .... I think I need one now! I have the sandpaper dots on the back of all my rulers but they can wear down after a while.

  5. What a great tool! I've never fallen in like with a single method for making half-square triangle. A tool that would ease trimming would be a joy to use! Thanks for posting this.

  6. Thanks for the info and tutorial and the link!!!

  7. Enjoyed reading your tool review...I've been thinking about purchasing this ruler, but didn't want to purchase another tool that I wouldn't use!