07 January 2013

Half Square Triangles

Last year, or was it the year before, I attended several all day mystery quilt workshops at my local quilt shop. One of these had lots of bonus triangles that everyone was pitching into the trash. Gasp! Being a thrifty soul, I, of course, rooted in the trash and 'saved' these bonus triangles from a certain fate.

Since June, the Baltimore Christmas applique quilt has occupied all my time. Over the weekend I needed to sew and I'm not talking about the applique. I needed a brainless type of sewing and all you quilters out there know what I'm talking about. So I dug out those triangles, set Singer up and started to stitch. Ah bliss.

Singer Featherweight and bonus triangles

I have no clue how many half square triangles I've ended up with, but I know that several of the 'groupings' will work in a Quilt of Valor quilt. There are three groupings (from 3 different ladies) in red/white/blue. I think the ones with the yellow hanging on the design wall will look nice in a table runner, and so will those lime green ones on the sewing table.

Half square triangles from all those bonus triangles

What's on your design wall? To see more, visit Judy's blog.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about 'just needing to sew' and I too love to rescue bonus triangles. :) That's what I've been playing with the last few days. :)

  2. Nice collection of HST!

  3. I have been cutting for 4 days and I know what you mean. I'm ready to sit and sew! Wish you lived near me. I have signed up to do Comfort and Joy with Judy's group. Got my pattern today and am having heart palpitations! Not good!

  4. I think you hit the jackpot!

    Those HST are awfully big to have been thrown away. Were those ladies new quilters?

  5. I totally get the need to sew mindlessly... get into your zone and put the pedal to the metal!

    Those are large triangles to be tossed out... good on you for rescuing them and giving them a new life!!!

    Nothing is on my design wall.... but I do have 5" square on my sewing table and am playing with them...


  6. I love making HSTs. I see you do too. And there are plenty ways to use them up...before you know it, they will all be gone!!

  7. You have my admiration. I am afraid I am one of the quilters who would have just tossed them, but I have a good friend who would claim them immediately. I have a drawer full of HST that I have collected over the years from various projects and still do not know what to do with them. I keep thinking one day a scrappy quilt of nothing but various sizes of pinwheels.

  8. HSTs are super adaptable. Glad you rescued these and used them for therapy :)

  9. I love this post! Love your pretty Singer, and the photo of all those blocks hanging there makes me want to run over to my machine and SEW! Enjoy!