15 April 2013

Design Wall Monday - April 15, 2013

There is a bit of progress to show on the Baltimore Christmas applique quilt. The blocks are done and sewn together. The two fabric pinned to the wall above the blocks were the choices for the inner border. When I stuck that green stripe up (see it there to the right?) the mottled green said to chose it. The red is going for another project, whatever that may be. I love that green stripe for the binding, don't you?

I apologize for the crappy photo, but I was in a hurry this morning. 10 inches of snow meant I needed to leave the house earlier to get to work. My little Kodak Easy Share camera doesn't have the stabilization that my big Nikon has. But you get the general idea.

The next step is borders. There is a 2" inner border, hence the green, and a wider appliqued border. All embellishments including buttons, beads, embroidery and whatever will happen after the quilting. I am really looking forward to both the quilting and the embellishment. I'll be doing the quilting on my DSM.

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  1. Oh Paula. Your blocks are outstanding and yes, the green is the way to go. I love your project. Did you say 10 inches of snow...OMG!!!

  2. Gorgeous! Is this a P3 Designs pattern?