06 May 2013

Design Wall Monday - May 6, 2013

Apparently, I am not happy unless there are multiple projects going. This is how the studio looked when I closed the door yesterday. In fact, I stood in the doorway to take these photos.
In the lower left of this photo, the counter that doubles as a cutting surface is visible with the next border of the Baltimore Christmas BOM ready to stitch on it. Beyond that, is the old Singer treadle machine currently being used for string piecing. The foundation papers are sitting to the right of the machine and just on the back corner of the treadle cabinet is the growing stack of 'blocks'. As a string gets pulled from the basket, it will be sewn to the foundation paper, unless it is a longer red or blue one as evidenced from the growing pile on the floor of a future QOV string quilt.

Behind the treadle is the Bernina that is set up for the machine applique of the Baltimore Christmas BOM. I don't want to mess with the settings, that's why I'm using the treadle at the moment. And there is the pile of the purple knitted jacket waiting for the hand-stitching of the frog closures to complete it. On the back corner, is the box of fabrics used in the Baltimore Christmas BOM.

Progressing a bit further around the room, the hand quilting frame becomes visible. It is currently in use as a hanger for six (6!) basted quilts awaiting quilting. The oak rocking chair is blocking the view of a small side table that currently holds a hand piecing project and just go to this post for the design wall that is behind the rocking chair and hasn't changed in a while.

And there you have the state of my studio. Did you keep track of the projects? If you didn't, the number is 12.


  1. LOL, only twelve. We quilters totally understand this madness!!

  2. that's multitasking at its finest!

  3. I don't DARE begin to thing about all that is in progress at this time *yikes*