17 August 2013

Sweater Knitting

Yesterday I went to the big box fabric store because I had several 50% off coupons and I wanted to buy a roll of batting. I have been looking at this magazine online and I took the opportunity to browse through it at the store. It came home with me because, within it's pages, are a lot of sweater patterns that, with a bit of modification will work well on a normal body. What is she talking about, you ask? Look at the sweater on the cover. Cute. Cables. But cropped. That is not a look for this womanly body of mine, but add a bit of length and it will be fine! I foresee a lot of sweater knitting in my future.


  1. It's a cute sweater.

    I like looking a knit magazines but rarely purchase them if most of the patterns are sweaters/garments. I don't like to fuss with altering a pattern.

  2. ...gotta love coupons from the big box fabric store! Perfect for batting...

    Nice sweater... but cropped? Please... that ain't gonna keep anyone warm...

  3. What's not to love about 50% off? The sweater is darling. Glad you are going to modify the pattern as it might just look a little like she got into her little sister's closet ;-)