16 September 2013

Quilt #3

I've been hiding in the sewing room for the last several days. I turned off the television and turned on the music in the sewing room which made me uber productive. Wanna see?

Harley Donation Quilt

This is the Harley Davidson bandana quilt. It started with the brand new, but vintage, bandana in the center. After adding some corners to square it up - plus the applique - I just started adding borders. Six borders! This quilt is approximately 62" square and is backed with more of that butterfly fabric. I can't believe how well the butterfly fabric goes with the floral band of the bandana. It IS square, I just had a problem pinning it to the wall.

Thread: Signature 40wt
Quilting: Free motion roses.

Once that was off and folded up I go started on a flannel quilt. This one is for my sister who requested a warm but lightweight quilt. After mulling it over in my mind, I decided to use up some flannel scraps and make a fairly simple quilt top.

The squares finish at 7". Can you believe the assortment of flannel? I couldn't either. I am going to tie this because of previous experiences with flannel. No batting but a Minkee backing. This one is going together quickly.

Anything on your design wall?


  1. Hi Paula. Your Harley quilt is amazing. Great job.
    There are a lot of flannel fabrics now. The quilt is looking good!!

  2. *mmmm*minkie backing. I have sight quilt with a minkie back. It makes me so happy.
    The bandana quilt turned out fab!

  3. Glad to see you are still quilting, you are one of the most productive people I've ever known!! Not to mention design and beauty of your quilts.
    Trying to get back into it. I do have a quilt started, I got 4 blocks done, LOL, and then we had company, so I had to clean the 2nd bedroom up. Now it is still in my pizza box. Need to get sewing!