10 September 2014

Belated Design Wall Post, September 10, 2014

Clara's quilt is progressing nicely. This is the starting layout that I really like, but not with these blocks. Those blocks will finish at 8" and this layout just seems clunky with that size block. If the finished size of the blocks were smaller this would look so much better.

All the blocks came off the wall and were put back in this configuration. I need to tweek this a bit. I am not happy with the bulls eye effect so I am going to move the centralish area down and to the left just a bit. Plus the gold/yellows need to be feathered into the greens and reds. The golds and reds just seems to be too color blocked.

I am late to post this to design wall Monday, but here it is.


  1. Looking good - I think an offset arrangement would drawn the eye into more of the quilt as will the "feathering" you mentioned.

  2. I think your solution will be perfect.

  3. Lots of progress - have fun playing with the layout!

  4. What an amazing design!