23 February 2015

My Design Wall is full

It started innocently enough: it was going to be a Buckeye Beauty quilt. All the pieces were made and on the design wall. But I hesitated to sew it together. Something wasn't sitting well with me on it. Then I realized that there were just too many 'styles' of fabric trying to play together and it wasn't working. It came down off the wall and with the addition of a bit more white fabric, there is one child's quilt ready to sew together.

The pinwheels were put back onto the wall in three different groupings, and I think I will combine the two groupings on the left of the photo into one quilt. The twelve pinwheel blocks on the bottom will be another quilt.

What you don't see are the rest of the four patches. There's a plan, yes there is! But something has to come off the design wall to put the four patches up.

So out of one largish quilt, four or five smaller quilts will be made.

What's on your wall?

I'm linking to others at Patchwork Times.


  1. I think you found a wonderful solution. At least you didn't have it put together before you discovered you didn't like all the colors.

  2. Well, my "wall" is actually the floor, and today there is another QOV in the works. I'm living with it for awhile to see if I like the fabrics I selected.

    Love the pinwheels.

  3. And all of them are pretty and colorful.

  4. They'll be beautiful! Sometimes things just change! A lot of work went into those little blocks. I don't have space for a design wall.......I just have little piles. Must be why I'm feeling so overwhelmed!