13 April 2015

Design Wall Monday 4/13/15

Do you know what a poverty block is? When a quilter runs out of a fabric to make a block for a quilt and pieces together smaller bits of the fabric to make the block, the ensuing block is called a poverty block. Making do. I had to do this over the weekend.

I made a multitude of 4-patches over the weekend all from various white-on-white fabrics and one other pink/purple fabric.Can you see what happened? I ran out of fabric for that last block.

That is when I dug into the sewing room trash can and found these.

I wanted to use the purple because it was the darker of the two colors and I felt it would hide the seams better. There was enough of the two pieces of purple to piece together to make two 2.5" blocks. I then took apart one of the other purple 4-patches and substituted one of the poverty blocks into that block and made an entirely new 4-patch with the other poverty block. I moved the poverty blocks into the interior a bit so they wouldn't be as noticeable.

Okay. So I redid the design wall to make the checkerboard center a square rather than a rectangular shape. I like it much better as a square. You know that means I have to make ONE more poverty block, don't you? At least I have those pink pieces.

After that, the next step is to sew these 4-patch blocks into a large checkerboard. Can you believe that all that pink/purple is from one fabric?

What's on your design wall? Link to Patchwork Times DWM.


  1. Good save. I bought more fabric for my quilt then over made some of the pieces. Ah well.making lemonade!

  2. It's a pretty quilt. I've used that technique but didn't know it had a special name.

  3. Chuckling--I couldn't find the pieced block! It blends in very well.

  4. As a scrap quilter, I've had to do that once or twice!