22 June 2015

Update on Faithful Circle quilt

It sometimes seems like this is my forever project. I decided that to keep it from becoming an unfinished project, I should reconsider the size. I redrafted it and drastically cut the size. If I think it is too small once I get it together, I can always add more blocks, though.

I streamlined the sewing: I am putting all the colored pieces on and then I'll go back and add the triangles.

See that batch of hexagons (5" in size) to the left? That is all the blocks left to do in the new, smaller size. Yeah!

Update: I am adding the small triangles! All the colored pieces are sewn on!


  1. I look forward to watching this project grow!

  2. It would be a great table topper!

  3. You inspire me! This is going to be amazing~

  4. This is going to be a beautiful quilt. I have been getting drawn to hexies lately, although I do have to finish my current projects before I begin any more.

  5. I too am making this same quilt with 30's fabrics!! But I'm machine piecing it. I've never she EPP. Do you love it? I'd like to try. Your quilt is looking fabulous!