09 July 2015

Quilt of Valor: 3.5" squares

I've been using my Accuquilt cutter to make some donated fabrics a bit more manageable. One of the sizes of squares is 3.5" and is not a size I often use but I have some in red/white/blue so I came up with this simple design to fit within the QOV size guidelines.

I'll find out if my math is right when I start to sew.

Update: my math was right, but my counting seems to be wrong. After I got home from work, I 'built' the quilt in Electric Quilt 7 and there are only 152 square of each color. I best get to work.


  1. This will certainly keep you busy for a few days!

  2. Thanks for doing the math. I have some of those Moda Honeycomb hexagon packs - honestly, I might make one as hexagons & 1 with the added triangles, so for the rest I am going to trim them down to squares - I think that 3.5 might be the biggest size...

  3. I love this quilt for QOV, gotta love EQ... for me it's a necessity, I use it all the time!