06 October 2015

Halted progress

I had to stop the quilting progress on this little quilt. This is another donation quilt using up all the pre-cut 2.5" WOW squares from the scrap bin plus all the 2.5" squares I saved from someone's trash bin at a quilting retreat several years ago. I've gotten the center portion quilted with this:

And the two outer borders are ditch stitched, but then I came to a screeching halt. I realized that even though I wanted to do ribbon candy quilting in that inner border, I had never, as in NEVER, done ribbon candy. Time to practice. I have found that lined notebook paper is the perfect thing to prqactice with since I don't have to drawn the line.

What are you working on? It's a Linky Tuesday post!


  1. It amazes me that people trash perfectly good fabric because they don't think they can use the scraps.

    Surprise, today I'm working with. . .scraps.

  2. LOL - yes, practice helps doesn't it? Your practice looks good, but it also looks complex - I admire your courage to use this one!

  3. You can also put an old needle in your sewing machine, place a piece of paper under the needle with your drawn design (no thread) and practice moving the needle in the right direction. Have fun!

  4. Oh, when I read your thumbnail title, I thought something bad had happened. I'm glad to see it's just a pause to build your repertoire. I like your heart design, and if you can do that ribbon candy will be a breeze. Have fun practicing!

  5. Looks beautiful and I have done the same thing.....have an idea and.....have to practice first!