31 July 2018

July 2018

One would think that it is too hot to knit or quilt, but I have a finished object in both categories.

My grandson is three months old and I finally got his quilt finished. I had a bit of fun with this quilt. The pattern had the bubbles as applique, but I have always wanted to try piecing circles so I did! It is easy peasy lemony squeezy. I also played a bit with the quilting. I quilted bubbles in the bubbles, sand at the bottom of the quilt hides a starfish and a snail. There is also a bit of kelp.

 My best friend knitted the little boy Knubbelchen but couldn't finish the girl because of a pinched nerve. Since these were for my grandson, I finished the knitting. Aren't they adorable? This is a Ravelry patter, BTW.


  1. That is just the most darling quilt!!

    1. Thank you! I got the pattern from an eBook.

  2. I like this fun quilt. The quilting must have been fun to do. The adorable knit Knubblechin is new to me. ♥️

  3. What?! How did I miss this? What an adorable baby quilt. I can see how it was fun to make. Sorry it took so long for me to visit. I should crawl out from under my rock a little more often.