30 November 2019

November 2019

Well, here it is November already and the sky is dark at 4:00PM. My body doesn't really know what to do with this daylight saving time.

I really dislike wintertime at work. The building was built in 1904 and the outside wall (where my desk sits) is just a block wall with no insulation. My boss keeps turning down the heat so I've given up and leave it at 62. Yes, 62! I wear 3 layers of clothes to try to keep warm. My hands are really feeling the cold and arthritis has flared up in my right hand. It stiffens up and hurts so bad. I wear finger-less mitts but the pain doesn't subside until I get home and warm up.

The Hubs and I went to Black Hawk for an overnight visit. Gambling just isn't my thing but I went with him. I don't know what riled up my allergies, but by Friday morning I could barely see. How can a person's eyes be red, swollen and itchy but still be streaming tears? I bought a packet with one Claritin pill at the gift shop for a whopping 3.95! Expensive little pill.Oh, and BTW, I lost.

A massive winter storm has moved into the area. I70 is closed from Denver east to the Kansas border and west at Idaho Springs due to rock slides. Colorado is essentially closed. We have 12" and counting. The Hubs is stating that we only have 5". Ha! my eyes see more than that and it is still snowing.

Thanksgiving was uneventful and I like it like that. The family came for dinner except for my DIL who had to work. I bought a fresh, non-GMO, non-antibiotic turkey from the natural market and it was the best turkey I've ever cooked and eaten! Coupled with a wonderful weight watcher's recipe for fresh cranberries and all the other trimmings, the meal turned out great. For the first time, I made mashed potatoes and then kept them warm in the slow cooker. I do recommend this method as it eases the stress of the day just a bit.

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  1. I worked in an office that was cold like that (65 not 62). I invested in some wicking long underwear (long sleeved top and leggings) and they really helped keep me from freezing. Oh, and SmartWool socks are the best for keeping your feet dry and warm. Good luck!