25 April 2006

Repairing a quilt (part deux)

I finished the repair on Auntie's quilt. See this post about Auntie's quilt that she calls an afghan. My male sib asked about whether she made it for Gramps? No she did not, she made it for herself. Anyhoo, once I had it apart I noticed that it, just like the one she made for me, went off into a angle to make it a parallelogram instead of a rectangle. Once I squared it up, I had pieces and parts to use for patching. I appliqued the patches right over the bad areas. I then selected a serpentine stitch on my sewing machine and stitched all the horizontal seams. Added the batting and backing and tied it in 6 places. It kept the integrity of the quilt by doing it this way. One can not really see the patches, the serpentine stitch gave it strength and the tying instead of quilting kept it more like the comforter it originally was instead of a quilt.


  1. Whooo hoooo - love your Auntie's little bright quilt. Too bad you didn't ask for some mu-mu's. My mom just won't part with hers!

  2. Hi, wanted to thank you for stopping over at my blog, Pieces...*VBS* I noticed that you are an archive reader also...LOL

    I remember being at your blog before, but then lost you..I remember the Paint Bucket quilt..it was wonderful. Just looked at your quilt studio pictures..you have a really GREAT space to create in..wish mine was half as organized even...*S*